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” Not just another tattoo parlour but rather a Studio.  A place of art, creation and expression. Something special.”

Nathan – BM Partner

The Studio represents a modern take on the tattoo and piercing establishment, as defined by BodyMods.  Our open concept is fun, educational and completely non-judgemental, where every artist brings unique talent to the table.   

The Studio is much more than just a place to get tattooed or pierced.  It truly is a special place, full of great people. It’s a meeting place for everyone from all walks, and it’s just as much yours as it is ours.

We’re confident a visit to The Studio will be the next level experience you’ve been looking for.  And rightfully so after all, it’s your body. Call or message today to book your consultation or simply drop in anytime to meet the artists and feel for yourself what we’re all about.

The story in a nutshell…  

Although we didn’t open The Studio until long after BodyMods was already a well established, nationally recognized brand, we’d always intended to do so.  Naturally, the timing had to be just right. Our take on the tattoo and piercing establishment had to be industry defining, just as BodyMods had been when it first arrived on the scene in 2002.

From the start, our vision for The Studio was to create an inviting space that was warm, welcoming, friendly and fun.  The kind of place that a mother wasn’t afraid to take her daughter, but instead excited! It absolutely had to be informative, educational and, most importantly, clean.  Generally speaking, these were the basic principles upon which BodyMods was founded in the first place, so it only made sense to carry on with this tradition.

First though, we needed to understand why the industry had the bad rap it did.  Not that we didn’t realize it had a bad rap, but rather why it had a bad rap.  From that understanding, what could we do to disassociate ourselves from the stigma, break the mold, as it were, and do things better?  We’d already done it once back in *2002, successfully breaking the industries negative stereotype with our body jewellery concept in the malls, how hard could this be?  

*believe it or not, in 2002 body piercing was still a social taboo and usually associated with the unsavoury type.  The malls didn’t want “that sort of crowd” in its centres.   

We would quickly learn this project was a completely different beast all together.

It wasn’t difficult identifying larger issues right from the start, however, the more we dug, the more questions we found ourselves asking.  More than perhaps we had the answers for at the time. Before long, it became clear that opening a fully complemented, successful tattoo studio would prove to be a more daunting prospect than originally anticipated.  Emphasis on successful.  Anyone can open a tattoo shop (and many do) but relatively speaking, few are successful.

The questions we found ourselves up against demanded careful consideration and thoughtful  answering, as some of the issues we faced were quite complex in nature. Without fully understanding them, we couldn’t possibly build something better otherwise.

Here are some of the more poignant ones:

Why, in most cases, did a tattoo shop need to be a scary, intimidating, dirty place to visit?  Why were these places always somehow associated with the underbelly of society? And why were they referred to as Parlours, Shops and Dens?  Why did it feel scandalous simply walking into one of these places?        

Further, why were the people that worked there always so off-putting and of the attitude that they were doing you some massive favour by merely acknowledging your presence?  Why did simple Q&A leave you with the feeling your intelligence had just been belittled? (As if to suggest you’re somehow beneath whomever you were just speaking with.)

Finally, it seemed as though the majority of parlour crew were more consumed by delusions of personal grandeur than anything else.  A sort of self appointed rockstar type of persona. More often than not, we witnessed the odd behavior result in terribly toxic in-fighting between artists, front end staff, and operators.  You could see and feel the dysfunction in most shops which, naturally, translated to an overall negative experience for the client.

The inevitable outcome for many of these so-called Dens, Parlours or Shops, quite predictably, was complete operational breakdown and shuttered doors.  Everyone loses.

It was the same song and dance from coast to coast, North America wide.  Don’t get us wrong, there were the odd gems out there but nowhere near enough to fight the negative stereotype the industry had created for itself.

We knew the experience could be so much better but why were so few jumping on it?  Why were so few not doing it differently? Why were so few taking it seriously? Okay, okay, enough questions.  If you’re reading this, you get the idea. We most definitely had some serious work cut out for ourselves.

Fast forward ten years…

…and so was born The Studio by BodyMods!  The culmination of ten plus years immersed in the industry poured into our first, fully complimented, tattoo and piercing studio.  Our vision had finally come to fruition. It was an exhilarating new chapter in BodyMods story and we’re proud to share it with you.    

Like any new venture of course, The Studio came with its own set of kinks to iron out but we had those squared away in fairly short time.  As cliché as it sounds, much blood, sweat, tears, frustration, ups and downs were battled out in order to make The Studio what it is today.

We’ve always embraced the challenges that come with building something great and understand very well that nothing worth fighting for is ever achieved over night or without some form of sacrifice.

One of the biggest challenges, without a doubt, was finding the right people to join us in our quest to bring this vision to life.  For many, the entire concept was simply too much. For example, the idea that front end Crew were not to be referred to as “The Shop Bitch” or that a cash payout at the end of each day, in order to avoid paying taxes, was not ok in our world.  These seemingly forward thinking concepts were so foreign, some simply could not wrap their minds around it.    

There’re countless other examples but we’ll spare you the deluge.  

We also set Zero Tolerance Policies into motion:  No drugs, alcohol, theft or abuse to one another of any sort, physical, mental or otherwise, would be tolerated.  These policies saw a few artists removed from The Studio early on. At BodyMods, no one is beyond the other. Everyone brings something special to the table and it’s paramount we all understand that without the individual contribution to the whole, overall strength is absolutely compromised.  This is the mentality we strive to instill in The Studio, day in and day out. Again, one of BodyMods fundamental, founding principles.

Changing old mindsets and replacing traditional approaches with what it means to operate within a structured, responsible and ethical framework is no easy feat, particularly for those that had never encountered such guiding principles before.  It does require a degree of discipline and respect, which, as it turns out, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Those that understand and choose to operate with us by these guidelines always flourish.     

Today, The Studio thrives and is highly regarded within the industry.  It’s followed closely by loyal friends, fans and clients alike, hungry for what’s to come next.  

For us, The Studio represents so much more than just a place to get tattooed or pierced.  It truly is a special place, full of great people. It’s a meeting place for everyone from all walks and it’s just as much yours as it is ours.  It’s everything we strived for.

We hope that The Studio is first to mind when deciding on your next tattoo or piercing.  See you then.

FUN FACT: BodyMods was founded in 2002 but didn’t open its first, full compliment studio until 2012.