>>All About Titanium Body Jewellery

All About Titanium Body Jewellery

Titanium body jewellery is so underrated! Titanium is a lightweight metal. In its natural state, titanium is a dark silver-y colour.

What’s the tea on titanium? 

Titanium is the most bio-compatible metal. This means it  stands up against attack by body fluids. Other metals can break down inside your body. Titanium is often used in surgical implants because the pores in the metal allow for the tissue to attach.
While great for these implants, porosity in body jewellery is a solid no-go. This creates an environment where bacteria can fester. For body jewellery, titanium needs a mirror-like polish.

How does titanium body jewellery become so colourful? 

At BodyMods, we colour our titanium through anodization and PVD coating.
To anodize jewellery, you’d place it in an electrolyte solution and zap it with an electric charge. This creates a colourful layer on the jewellery.
The colour results from light passing through an oxide layer. Colours vary depending on how thick this layer is. You can control the thickness of the layer by adjusting the voltage.
The layer wears away over time, causing the colour to fade or change. How long the it lasts depends on the thickness of the layer and the amount of wear and tear on the jewellery.
Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coats the titanium with a metal. The kind of metal varies depending the final colour you’d like. For example, our Blackline jewellery uses titanium carbide.
Under the umbrella of PVD is ion plating (IP). We know plated jewellery has a (well deserved) bad rap, but ion-plating is different. Hear us out! PVD + ion-plating allows you to adjust for things like hardness and durability. This means your IP coating will outlast traditional plating by a long shot. We’ve also heard from our customers with allergies that they don’t react to our ion-plating! This is anecdotal, so please take that into consideration when ordering.
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