What are Chakras?

What are Chakras? We recently launched our Chakra Collection. Some of you may be asking "what are Chakras?" Chakra translates to “wheel.” Chakras in the sense we use the word refers to energy centres in our body. These centres are often visualized as seven spinning wheels of energy.   Each chakra sits at a fixed spot on the body. They relate to different spiritual, emotional, and physical conditions. A blocked or unaligned chakra can cause problems. These can range from moodiness to headaches to insecurity and more.   It’s important to understand each chakra to keep it flowing. [...]

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CBD Tattoo Aftercare: Is it the Future?

We've launched our own line of CBD tattoo aftercare. The first product is the CBD Tattoo Medic Oil. We want to break down why we think this oil i  gamer changer. What is CBD? CBD (AKA cannabidiol) is making big waves in the health world. It’s celebrated as a safer alternative to more mainstream painkillers. Why is that? Unlike other painkillers on the market, it’s natural, won’t get you high, and there’s no side effects. CBD products must have less than .3% THC in it – THC is the psychoactive in cannabis. This limit is what guarantees you [...]

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Minimalist Tattoos: What’s the big deal with tiny tattoos?

Where do Minimalist Tattoos Come From? You’ve probably noticed a trend in the tattooing world – small, minimalist tattoos. They’re all over Instagram and Pinterest – but what makes these small tattoos so compelling? The rise of tattoos with young adults might indicate that the stigma of tattoos is finally over, but when asked about considerations when getting tattooed, many Millennials pick tattoos that are easily hidden for work and occasions where tattoos might not be welcome. Thinking this way, the small tattoo makes the most sense.  So are people just searching “small tattoo” on Pinterest and bringing the [...]

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Sunscreen for Tattoos: How to Protect Your Tattoo in the Summer

What are you doing to protect your tattoos this summer? We all know that sun is bad for your skin, period. But did you know that it’s also damaging to your tattoos? Let's talk sunscreen for tattoos. Exposure to the sun can prolong healing in a new tattoo and fade and blur the inks in older ones. Treating your tattoo right and protecting it with sunscreen is the key to having great ink in your golden years. Why is H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPF 45 our Favourite Sunscreen for Tattoos? Sea Life makes taking care of your tattoos a [...]

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Travelling with Tattoos: “Can I go to Japan if I have tattoos?”

This is a question very rarely asked –yet it should be. Since irezumi (traditional Japanese tattoos) are so popular worldwide, there’s no reason travelling to Japan with tattoos would be a problem… right? Wrong! While evidence suggests that tattooing was the norm in the culture for centuries, the Edo Period (1603-1867) changed that. What happened? During this time, criminals and courtesans were marked with tattoos. This is how a stigma was born. As well, bakuto (gamblers) got full body tattoos, and showed off these tattoos while they dealt cards. It's believed this inspired the tattoos of the yakuza [...]

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