Stories of September: Jake LaPierre

Every week in September, we’ll be highlighting one of our favourite clients in 2019! We’re wrapping up our Stories of September with Jake LaPierre. Stories of September: Jake LaPierre   This piece is my favourite this year because of the trust it represented. As an apprentice, a lot of what people bring to me is small, basic designs they’ve chosen. For example, there's lot of line work, small pieces, and script.   Now, don’t get me wrong. Those tattoos are good too. But this one stood out. It was one of the few pieces where I had complete freedom [...]

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Stories of September: Nikki Pippus

Every week in September, we’ll be highlighting one of our favourite clients in 2019! We’re continuing our Stories of September with Nikki Pippus. Stories of September: Nikki Pippus This year I've seen a rise in the standard industrial piercing. An industrial piercing is the bar that travels across the top of your ear.   Unfortunately, not everyone has the proper anatomy to aid in healing one. Many people don't know your body might prevent you from getting your dream piercing! If you are one of those people, this piercing might be a unique alternative for you.   I am [...]

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Stories of September: Lee Ozeki

Every week in September, we'll be highlighting one of our favourite clients in 2019! We're opening up our Stories of September with Lee Ozeki. Stories of September: Lee Ozeki My fav tattoo of the year would be the scar cover up I did a few weeks back. There is so many to choose from but this one struck the heart strings. My client and her mother came into The Studio to see if there is any way we would be able to hide the scars of the past. A lot of the time this is a sensitive area [...]

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What are Chakras?

What are Chakras? We recently launched our Chakra Collection. Some of you may be asking "what are Chakras?" Chakra translates to “wheel.” Chakras in the sense we use the word refers to energy centres in our body. These centres are often visualized as seven spinning wheels of energy.   Each chakra sits at a fixed spot on the body. They relate to different spiritual, emotional, and physical conditions. A blocked or unaligned chakra can cause problems. These can range from moodiness to headaches to insecurity and more.   It’s important to understand each chakra to keep it flowing. [...]

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CBD Tattoo Aftercare: Is it the Future?

We've launched our own line of CBD tattoo aftercare. The first product is the CBD Tattoo Medic Oil. We want to break down why we think this oil is a gamer changer for the industry. What is CBD? CBD (AKA cannabidiol) is making big waves in the health world. It’s celebrated as a safer alternative to more mainstream painkillers. Why is that? Unlike other painkillers on the market, it’s natural, won’t get you high, and there’s no side effects. CBD products must have less than .3% THC in it – THC is the psychoactive in cannabis. This limit [...]

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Minimalist Tattoos: What’s the big deal with tiny tattoos?

Where do Minimalist Tattoos Come From? You’ve probably noticed a trend in the tattooing world – small, minimalist tattoos. They’re all over Instagram and Pinterest – but what makes these small tattoos so compelling? The rise of tattoos with young adults might indicate that the stigma of tattoos is finally over, but when asked about considerations when getting tattooed, many Millennials pick tattoos that are easily hidden for work and occasions where tattoos might not be welcome. Thinking this way, the small tattoo makes the most sense.  So are people just searching “small tattoo” on Pinterest and bringing the [...]

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