Body Jewelry Gift Ideas: Holiday Edition

Body Jewelry Gift Ideas: Holiday Edition 

The Holiday Season is here! This is the perfect time to spoil your loved ones and yourself. Here you will find a list of our most popular body jewelry. Our customers love these pieces! We cover pretty much everything, so if your friends or family have anything pierced, we have the perfect body jewelry for them. If that special someone isn’t pierced yet, no problem! We have gift cards for piercing! Best of all, our BODY JEWELRY comes FREE with our piercing services.

Shop holiday gift sets with BodyMods

Sometimes it’s easier to just buy a set instead of trying to create one yourself. We have the perfect holiday gift sets for you, check it out!  

For all flat back earring lovers (or labret lovers) you will be obsessed with this set:

PREMIUM Claw-Set Round Labret 16g.

PREMIUM Crystal Leaf Labret 16g

PREMIUM Jewelled Wing Labret 16g

If you happen to know that your loved one wants to get their ear pierced, don’t miss this opportunity to gift them their first ear piercing. They will have the best experience with us. It’s so much fun! 

For the ones who are looking for a nose ring, this set is perfect for you: 

PREMIUM Surgical Steel Claw-Set Round Nose Screw 18g.

PREMIUM Claw-Set Crystal Nose Chain

PREMIUM Claw-Set Triangle Crystal Nose Bone 18g.

If you or your favorite person are looking for a gold nose ring, check these two out! They are perfect for the Christmas look you are after: 

14K Gold Heart Nose Bone 20g

14K Gold Rose Shaped Nose Screw 20g

Beautiful nose jewelry makes getting a nose piercing so exciting! The best thing about nose piercings is that the healing process is fast, and they are easy to take care. 

For our cartilage earrings lovers, you cannot pass on this set: 

PREMIUM Claw-Set Crown Cartilage Stud 16g

PREMIUM Claw-Set Rose Cartilage Stud 16g

 Body Jewelry Gift Ideas

 Most cartilage piercings do not hurt at all. (Remember, if you want to get pierced you must get it done with the proper tools. Do not allow anyone to pierce you with a piercing gun.) 

If you or your special person are looking for new ear plugs, we have you covered here too! Check out this set: 

Body Jewelry Gift Ideas

Body Jewelry Gift Ideas

Body Jewelry Gift Ideas

Finally, for the ones who love nipple rings, this set is just everything:

Butterfly Nipple Shield 14g

Filigree + Opal Nipple Shield 14g


Crystal Vine Nipple Shield 14g

Fun Fact: The nipple piercing process is really quick. No more than 5 minutes, believe it or not! And if you are wondering how long it takes for nipple piercings to heal, you are looking at just 4-6 months. With proper, diligent aftercare the healing process may even be faster.  

Preparing and executing your holiday shopping list can be difficult, so we hope this helps you out a little. At BodyMods you will always find quality products and valuable information about body jewelry, piercings, and aftercare. You can rest assured knowing we have more than 20 years of experience in the body jewelry and piercing industry. 

It’s always best to visit a BodyMods location and speak with one of our piercing professionals.  

BodyMods – Professionals in Jewelry & Piercing Since 2002. 



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