>>Brass and Body Jewellery 101

Brass and Body Jewellery 101

Brass is ideal for casting, which makes it perfect for jewellery with fine details, like our Bendables line.

It’s also a strong, durable metal, making it great for frequent wear. It is not suitable in healing or new piercings. However, once a piercing is healed, you should have not troubles with it. It’s also often alloyed with nickel, zinc, and copper.

Many people have sensitivities to these alloys and may react. Brass with a PVD or IP coating can help negate this reaction, but it may still irritate those with the strongest of sensitivities.  To avoid turning green, it is recommended that brass jewellery is cleaned often and not worn in moist/sweaty places. This green reaction is caused by the copper in brass oxidizing. You can also buff it with a ph neutral jewellery wax to prevent it from oxidizing.

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