>>#CBRHunt2019: Find our logo and win!

#CBRHunt2019: Find our logo and win!

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Instagram: @bodymodscanada + @thestudiobybodymods

What is #CBRHunt2019?

Simply put, #CBRHunt2019 is a scavenger hunt.

Starting August 17th, we’ll be releasing riddles on our Facebook and Instagram. Solve the riddle to find our logo hidden across the Lower Mainland.

Snap a pic of the logo and post it to your Instagram with #CBRHunt2019. Find all 6 logos and post them, and you’re entered in to win a FREE Chair Day with Lee at the Studio by BodyMods.

The contest will close on the 13th of September and we’ll announce the winners on the 16th.


  • Account must be public between the 13th and 16th so we can find your entries! Don’t forget to use #CBRHunt2019 either!
  • Picture must show the logo. If it looks like you’ve posted the same logo 6 times, you’ll be disqualified.
  • Large corporate accounts may not compete, but influencers and small businesses are welcome. Exceptions may be made at our discretion.
  • Not all likes have to come from your followers, however and using tags to increase the exposure of your post and get more likes from real people is a-okay.
  • Your account must be over 3 months old.
  • BodyMods Crew may not compete.

How do you win?

The more likes you get on your posts, the better!
Think you’ll lose to someone with more followers? Don’t worry – we have plan to level the playing field between those with 1,000,000 followers and those with 100.
We’re looking for the highest likes-to-follower ratio. If you have 100 followers and get 100 likes on your posts, that’s 100% and you’ve won. If you have 1000 followers and get 101 likes, that’s 10.1% – you’ve lost the chair day! This contest isn’t about who has the biggest following, it’s about who’s got the most loyal squad.
We’ll work this ratio out per image and then average it out across all 6 posts. Whoever has the highest average is the winner. Easy-peasy!


Will be updated as they release along with hints if you get stuck!

Riddle 1: August 17th

If this quest you undertake,

this first step then you must make.

Cross into a land of play

whilst exhibit’s in full sway.

Here your first goal doth abide,

where you can thrill upon a ride,

where games abound of luck and chance,

hear Idol sing, watch Hammer dance.

Head into the marketplace.

Find the stall, the trusted place

to fill your body, fill your face

with bars and rings

and mods and things.

And there you’ll find goal number one.

Your journey forth has just begun.

HINT (unscramble): P o B o N s M d E y

Riddle 2: August 20th

Your next clue

doth lay in wait,

past the station.

T’is the gate

that leads the way

through campus towers

past pub on left

on right be flowers.

Enter the city with center as its name.

You’re nearing the end of this step in the game.

Find the store that welcomes all.

Don’t hesitate and do not stall.

Enter in and best be quick

to find the goal and take your pic.

Amidst the body jewelry do rest

the aim of this your inimitable quest.

HINT (unscramble):  lartnec  ytic sdomydob

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