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About Body Mods

Serving you since 2002, BodyMods is your local #1 source for all of your Body Jewellery needs.

Who Are We?
BodyMods is a proudly owned and operated local CANADIAN company with strong ties to the Body Modification community. We’re currently entering our 9th year of operation and going stronger than ever thanks to you, our loyal friends and supporters. We specialize in anything and everything to do with piercing products and are currently working hard to add branding, scarification and tattooing to our repertoire. At any given time, you’ll find our name and or staff taking part in local and out of province or country tradeshows, exhibitions, concerts and special events such as suspensions and piercing parties. You can’t miss our Show Trailer, so keep your eyes peeled and give a honk if you see us!

The BM Mission:
To provide our BM Members and regular clients with the largest selection of high quality Surgical Steel, Lucite, Titanium, Gold, Glass, Silicon and Organic body jewellery at the best prices with the best guarantee and the best customer service.

BM Core Values
Our Core Values are the fundamental principles that determine our commitment to you and to one another. Core Values define what an organization or group stand for. We take them seriously, practice them religiously and believe strongly that they are what define an organization’s sense of character and integrity.

Do what’s right and hold your head high. Integrity is key.

Do it right and do it big or don’t do it at all. Commit to excellence.

Unwavering devotion to our staff, customers and business associates.

Treat others how you’d like to be treated. Promote and practice strong ethics.

Take pride in a job well done. Be proud of the team that you’re a part of and promote camaraderie.

Strict Ethics In Practice, Policy and Procedure

eth·ics (eth' iks)
a. The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession.
b. Motivation based on ideas of right and wrong.
It’s what we’re famous for. We believe in, strive for and practice strong ethics in every step we take.

“We’re not out to conquer the business world or take over the land. We just want to do a great job, have fun while we’re at it and make lots of good friends in the process.” - Nathan, BM Partner.