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Eyebrow Piercing:


A piercing located vertically on the brow-line. It is possible to have multiple piercings on the same eyebrow. There are also other variations of this piercing, such as horizontal eyebrow (placed horizontally along the upper brow ridge) and anti-eyebrow (actually placed on the upper cheek just below the eye). Eyebrow piercings are one of the most common of surface piercings. Piercings that only break through a small amount of surface skin are the most likely to become victim of rejection and migration. The less skin there is available to keep the piercing secure, the more chances there are that your body will find a way to push it out.


Curved barbells in 16g-14g, Captive Bead Rings or Circular Barbells in 16g-14g are appropriate initial jewellery for this piercing. Another style of jewellery named a D-Ring is similar to a Captive Bead Ring but shaped like the letter “D”. Straight barbells should not be used in eyebrow piercing, due to the ball creating pressure against the skin behind them often cause the piercing to migrate forward. A curved barbell will eliminate pressure between the barbells balls and the skin.


Common complications that can occur from eyebrow piercings are hypertrophic scarring, infection, boil, allergic reaction and migration/rejection. To help prevent these complications, daily cleaning (two to three times) is highly recommended with H2Ocean Spray or non-iodized sea salt solution. Alcohol, peroxide and polysporin are not recommended for healing a piercing as they generally delay healing instead of helping the process along.


The healing process takes a minimum of three to four months. It could take upwards of six months to a year before the jewelry can be removed for any length of time without the fistula (healed scar tunnel where the piercing jewellery enters and exits through) closing permanently.