>>Good Vibes Only: Vibrating Jewellery

Good Vibes Only: Vibrating Jewellery

vibrating jewellery
Let’s get real: we know vibrating jewellery is for the dirty stuff.
We don’t judge if you’re buying is as a gag gift or as a way to spice things up. These guys are big and clunky – it’s pretty unlikely anyone is genuinely buying it for the aesthetic. If you are – tell us in the comments! 
That out of the way, how do they work? The big, clunky thing is the vibrator. If you twist it open, you’ll find a little o-ring and a battery. Twist it closed, and it will start to vibrate. Loosen it up to turn it off again. These batteries are small and can only hold so much power. We recommend taking the battery out and stashing it somewhere safe when not in use.

The tighter you twist it closed, the tighter the seal becomes. Keep that in mind if you’re worried about getting the inside wet.

Vibrating jewellery comes on straight and curved barbells or CBRs – we’ll leave it to your imagination for what goes where.

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