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Our Guarantee is your satisfaction

Personal Service
Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our products, the policies regarding them and the level of personal service youíll receive with every visit to any BM location. Youíll get the special one-on-one attention that you deserve.

Have a question or problem regarding your piercing? Thatís what weíre here for! We invite you to drop by any time to chat about it. Weíre itching to pass on our knowledge and expertise regarding the subject. And yes, that includes all intimate piercings as well ..Ö..donít be shy, weíre professionals.

Our guarantee is that no matter what your encounter with any BM location entails, youíll walk away more than happy with a warm invitation to come back again.

Product Warranty
We take great pride in the top quality products that we carry and the industry exclusive warranty that goes along with them. We warranty all of our products for a full three months against any factory defect. Itís a warranty that all other retailers thought was crazy 5 years ago and thatís still virtually unheard of today. It includes anything cracking, fading, chipping, breaking, falling apart, splitting, stripping or anything else.

How Can We Offer Such A Warranty?
Well for starters, we donít carry cheap product. Weíre confident that our product wonít come back. Make no mistake, youíre not dealing with some cheap mall accessory store here. All of our products are of the utmost quality and craftsmanship, therefore are much less prone to coming apart on you.

Although each piece of jewellery is inspected by hand before it goes out, we do receive the odd factory defected item. Youíll usually notice it within the first week or so of admiring your new jewellery. We all know how frustrating that can be. Why should you have to deal with it, after all, itís not your fault right? Thatís exactly how we see it too. Simply bring it back with your receipt and weíll exchange it for a brand new piece, no questions asked.

If we donít have that exact piece in and you donít see anything else you like, weíll print you up a store credit that you can use at your leisure at any BM location you desire. Weíre constantly receiving new items so be sure to check in often.

Extended Warranty
Spoil yourself with a great pair of organics or pick up a gorgeous gold piece for someone special? Afraid of something happening to it six months down the road? For just that reason, we offer an extended warranty program thatíll give you the peace of mind youíre looking for. Just ask any one of us about it.