>>Sunscreen for Tattoos: How to Protect Your Tattoo in the Summer

Sunscreen for Tattoos: How to Protect Your Tattoo in the Summer

What are you doing to protect your tattoos this summer?

We all know that sun is bad for your skin, period. But did you know that it’s also damaging to your tattoos? Let’s talk sunscreen for tattoos.

Exposure to the sun can prolong healing in a new tattoo and fade and blur the inks in older ones. Treating your tattoo right and protecting it with sunscreen is the key to having great ink in your golden years.

Why is H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPF 45 our Favourite Sunscreen for Tattoos?

Sea Life makes taking care of your tattoos a no brainer. Sea Life is water and sweat resistant, non-stinging, oil-free and hypoallergenic. This makes it comfortable to wear on any part of your body – and it’s also safe for reefs!

Aside from being formulated to treat your skin and the earth right, it’s made with zinc oxide to offer full protection from UVA and UVB rays. Most people assume all sunscreens do this, but that’s not the case. A sunscreen that only shows SPF but doesn’t mention UVA is only protecting you from UVB.

What’s the difference?

UVA is unfiltered by the ozone or clouds and penetrates deeper into the skin. It’s also the same strength year round, so a cloudy winter’s day still requires the same protection as a sunny summer’s day (this is why Goths apply sunscreen in January). UVA causes tanning, premature aging, and skin cancer – but not sunburns. Since SPF is a measurement of how long it’ll take to burn, it’s not helpful in determining if your sunscreen will protect you against these rays.

UVB rays are partially filtered by the ozone, but they’re the ones that cause burns. Burns can potentially damage your tattoos, but both UVA and UVB will cause the tattoo to fade with time. Laser removal is essentially sun exposure fading your tattoos in a very concentrated way.

Sea Life will protect your skin and your ink better than other sunscreens, so we’re happy to offer it at all BodyMods locations.

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