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Nose Piercing:


A piercing placed usually somewhere along the groove in the nostril where the cartilage is often thinner. The interior structure of the nostril should also be examined when deciding placement. Nose piercings are very common for both men and women. They were first recorded in the Middle East approximately 4,000 years ago.


The piercing is usually performed with an 18g to 14g needle. They can be pierced larger with dermal punching or stretched to larger gauges; heavy gauge nostril piercings are becoming more common.


For initial jewellery, a CBR in 20g-14g (the ring should not be hugging the edge of the nostril) or a nostril screw in 20g-16g is appropriate. Other nose jewellery includes nose pins (straight pins which can be bent into an “L” shape once inserted into the nose), nose bones (similar to nose pins, however there is also a tiny little ball at the end of the shaft), and ¾ hoops (allows the wearer to insert the jewellery backwards, pushing the ring though from the inside of the nostril out, the little flat disk then sits flush against the inside of you nose).


Common complications that can occur from this piercing are hypertrophic scarring, inflammation, infection, boil, abscess and allergic reaction. The most common complication is called a keloid. A keloid is a form is scar tissue, most commonly located next to the piercing itself. It usually looks small and firm almost like a pimple. The easiest way to remove a keloid is to get rid of whatever has been irritating it in the first place - whether it is caused from a metal allergy, improper jewellery, inappropriate aftercare etc.


Healing time for a nostril piercing is approximately 3-4 months. After that time, the initial jewellery may be changed to whatever the wearer pleases.