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The Studio represents a modern take on the tattoo and piercing establishment, as defined by BodyMods.

Our open concept is fun, educational and completely non-judgemental, where every artist brings unique talent to the table.

The Studio is much more than just a place to get tattooed or pierced.  It truly is a special place, full of great people.  It’s a meeting place for everyone from all walks, and it’s just as much yours as it is ours.

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3105, 2019

CBD Tattoo Aftercare: Is it the Future?

By |May 31st, 2019|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

We’ve launched our own line of CBD tattoo aftercare. The first product is the CBD Tattoo Medic Oil. We want to break down why we think this oil i  gamer changer.

What is CBD?

CBD (AKA cannabidiol) is making big waves in the health world. It’s celebrated as a safer alternative to more mainstream painkillers. Why is that?

  • Unlike other painkillers on the market, it’s natural, won’t get you high, and there’s no side effects.
  • CBD products must have less than .3% THC in it – THC is the psychoactive in cannabis. This limit is what guarantees you won’t get high.
  • It’s non-toxic to humans – even in high quantities. This mean you can’t overdose like other painkillers.
  • The World Health Organization’s study concluded that […]