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The Studio represents a modern take on the tattoo and piercing establishment, as defined by BodyMods.

Our open concept is fun, educational and completely non-judgemental, where every artist brings unique talent to the table.

The Studio is much more than just a place to get tattooed or pierced.  It truly is a special place, full of great people.  It’s a meeting place for everyone from all walks, and it’s just as much yours as it is ours.

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1009, 2019

Stories of September: Nikki Pippus

By |September 10th, 2019|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Every week in September, we’ll be highlighting one of our favourite clients in 2019! We’re continuing our Stories of September with Nikki Pippus.

Stories of September: Nikki Pippus

This year I’ve seen a rise in the standard industrial piercing.

An industrial piercing is the bar that travels across the top of your ear.
Unfortunately, not everyone has the proper anatomy to aid in healing one. Many people don’t know your body might prevent you from getting your dream piercing! If you are one of those people, this piercing might be a unique alternative for you. […]