Belly Button Rings

Navel rings vs belly rings

You have likely heard the terms navel piercing and belly button piercing. While both terms are widely used, there is no difference; the navel is just another word for belly button. No matter what you call them, belly rings and navel rings are the same.

Piercing and Sizing

When getting pierced, the jewelry should be 2 mm longer than the piercing and are typically 14g in size. The piercing is done with a piercing needle, and should only be done by experienced piercers in a clean, reputable studio.


A belly button piercing can be placed anywhere along the belly button. Typically, they are pierced through the skin directly above the belly button, allowing the jewelry to dangle slightly over the belly button. Other placements include the lower or upper rim and sides.
Like the majority of body piercings, anatomy does come into play with belly button piercings. The piercing may be unsuccessful if your navel has no defined ridge. If you typically bend at the waist, do not get a belly button piercing, as it could get extremely irritated and can cause scarring.

If you are pregnant

It is not recommended to get pierced while pregnant. However, if you already have a belly button ring, there are special pregnancy rings that are flexible and made out of Bio-Plast, making them comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Belly button piercings care

The average healing time for a belly button piercing is typically around 6-8 months. This is because of the limited number of blood vessels, limiting the number of white blood cells. The navel collects bacteria very quickly, so it is essential that your navel jewelry and piercing are correctly cleaned and consistently to avoid infection, which can lead to scarring and other complications.

Stylish belly button jewelry

At BodyMods, our first order of business is to create high-quality jewelry in various styles and designs. All our belly rings are designed by people passionate about body jewelry. Check out our selection of navel jewelry. To learn more about belly button piercings, check out our Modipedia page.