All about cartilage piercings

Cartilage piercings are a popular ear-piercing placement. They should always be done by professional piercers to prevent possible infections or other complications during the healing process.

What is a cartilage piercing

Cartilage piercings are any ear piercings that are not lobe piercings. They can be either on the upper ear, the outer ear, or the inner ear, such as an outer or inner conch piercing.

Types of cartilage piercings

There are many different varieties of cartilage piercings. The piercing process is slightly different for everyone and can depend on the location of the piercing site. Typically, a cartilage piercing heals slower than an ear lobe piercing because cartilage does not have as good of a blood supply as ear lobes do. With so many variations of cartilage piercings, it can take time to pick which piercings are the best for you.

Popular cartilage piercings

There are many different cartilage piercings and
jewelry options
for cartilage piercings.

Helix piercing

Helix piercings are any piercings on the upper ear cartilage.

Tragus piercing

Tragus piercings are in front of the ear canal, sitting on the perforation of the tragus.

Daith piercing

Daith piercings are inner ear piercings that pass through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold.

Conch piercing

Conth piercings are upper cartilage piercings in either the upper or lower concha.

The piercing process

The piercing process for cartilage piercings is done with a needle. Piercing guns should never be used as they can shatter the cartilage and cause trauma to the area. Once the needle is inserted, jewelry is then pushed through the skin. Commonly, cartilage piercings hurt more than ear lobe piercings because cartridge tissue is thick and hard.

Cartilage jewelry at BodyMods

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