Circular Barbells

Where can you wear Circular Barbells (CBBs)? Almost everywhere – CBBs are one of THE most versatile styles of jewellery we carry.

This horseshoe-shaped barbell is a great alternative if you like the look of hoops but don’t want to deal with captive bead rings and tools. These are super easy to wear. Like a straight or curved barbell, just twist off a bead, put the jewellery in and twist the bead back on.

Circular Barbells are implant grade metals such as 316LVM surgical steel and titanium, so they are hypoallergenic! Many styles feature genuine opal and Austrian crystals.

This piece is a favourite for almost any piercing (like we said before). Let’s look at a few examples: lobes, conch piercings, helix, lip piercings, tragus, daith, eyebrow piercings, septum, nose piercings, and so many more than we can list!

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