Dermal Heads

Dermal Heads fit securely in a 14g micro-dermal foot. Micro-dermal implants go under the skin as an alternative to surface bars. The tops have internal threading. In other words, they screw into the foot. Read more about it on Modipedia.

Micro-dermals come in different gauges. 14g is the most popular for micro-dermals, but it’s not guaranteed you were pierced with a 14g foot. Consult a professional body piercer before ordering your top to ensure it fits.

Dermal Heads are available in implant-grade metals, such as 316LVM surgical steel and grade 23 titanium. These metals are hypoallergenic and bio-compatible! For gem work, we use genuine semi-precious stones and Austrian crystals.

Micro-dermal piercings go pretty much anywhere on your body. Popular spots include the face, collarbones, neck, and fingers. Micro-dermals haven’t been limited the way normal piercings are, so the sky is the limit where you can put them. Just be careful not to snag them on things, wherever you get ’em.

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