Everything you need to know about labret piercings

With the resurgence of early 2000s fashion, labret piercings have been coming back into fashion as a form of self-expression. If you want to learn more about facial piercings and are thinking of getting one, this post covers everything you need to know about labret piercings.

What is a labret piercing

Labret piercings are a form of facial piercing located between the dip of the lips and the chin. Traditional labret piercings are adorned with labret studs, which consist of a bead on one end of a barbell piercing and a flat disc on the other, allowing for the piercing to be comfortable on the inside of the mouth.

Are labret piercings a type of lip piercings?

Contrary to popular belief, the standard labret piercing is not a lip piercing and does not touch the bottom lip. Vertical labret piercings, which are a type of labret piercings, can be classified as lip piercings, as they are placed on the bottom lip, to just below the bottom lip.

Labret piercing variations

There are various types and styles of labret piercings beyond the standard labret piercing.

Side labret piercings

Located on the skin below the lip, instead of in the face’s centre in the chin dip, the side labret piercing is placed on either the right or left side, depending on your preference.

Lowbret piercing

Not a piercing recommended for anyone new to facial piercings, this variation of a labret piercing is placed as far below the lip as possible. There is potential for the lowbret piercing to rub against the gums. Wearing bioplast labret piercing jewellery can help with discomfort and minimize the potential risk of gum erosion.

Vertical labret piercing

This kind of labret piercing is pierced from the inside of the bottom lip to the outside just below the bottom lip. A special curved barbell is inserted in the piercing, with a bead resting on each side. This piercing involves two puncture wounds.

Horizontal labret piercing

Although this kind of labret piercing exists, they are absolutely not recommended. Due to the dangers of migration and scarring, BodyMods, and other reputable piercing studios do not do these kinds of piercings. A snake bite piercing is a much safer option for anyone wanting a similar look.

Do labret piercings hurt?

Everyone has a slightly different pain scale, so it depends on the individual. However, most people describe the pain from getting a labret piercing as a 4/10, which is not too bad. Choosing an experienced piercing artist will help minimize the discomfort and pain and can make the entire experience as painless as possible.

Can labret jewellery styles be used for a lip piercing?

Labret piercing jewellery are great jewellery options for lip piercings because of the flat back. If you are curious about what types of jewellery can be used for lip piercings or getting a labret piercing, talk with your piercer, who will be able to recommend the best, and most comfortable styles for your piercing and individual needs.

Every type of body piercing requires aftercare

Like all piercings, in order for a labret piercing to heal properly, you need to take care of it properly. Depending on the location, a piercing heals either longer or slower than you may think. Your professional piercer will guide you through the proper piercing aftercare that comes with ensuring the healing process is as effective as possible. Typically, labret piercings heal completely in around four to six months.

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