Nipple Rings

Nipple Rings

Nipple is one of the most versatile piercings when it come to jewelry options. You can wear CBR’s (rings), CBB’s (horseshoes), straight or curved barbells, clickers and even shields.


Clickers are the newest jewelry to the scene in the nipple world. They are easy to put in and to fasten, to wear clickers, insert the jewellery through your piercing from one side to the other and snap it closed, it’s that easy. Clickers come in a variety of styles from very plain to extremely decorative. 


Shields are more special occasion type jewelry, like dangly earrings, you probably won’t want to wear them all the time. There are two types of shields, ones that have the barbell attached and ones that don’t, however they are both inserted in the same way. Hold the shield over your nipple and insert the barbell from one side to the other, if the barbell is attached make sure the barbell goes through loops on either side.


Nipple barbells come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there are an endless number of styles to choose from. Nipple barbells can be curved or straight depending on how you were pierced and personal preference. Barbells are also regarded as the most comfortable jewelry to wear everyday and recommended if you lead an active lifestyle or where lacey undergarments, as there is the least amount of chance of staging it on something. 


CBR’s and CBB’s

Captive Bead Rings or CBR’s (rings) and Circular Barbells or CBB’s (horseshoes) are also another popular choice when it come to nipple jewelry. They come in many sizes, shapes and colours. 

Captive bead rings are old school and use to be used as initial piercing jewelry for most piercings (it’s the barbell these days). The jewelry in inserted from one side to the other, but instead of screwing on a bead, the bead is popped into place and held there by pressure from each side of the ring, it’s ‘held captive’. To release the bead simply pull the two sides of the ring apart and it will fall out.

Circular barbells are just what they sound like, a barbell that has been shaped into a horseshoe. A lot of people like these over CBR’s as it’s easier to screw on beads than to pop them into place.

Both CBR’s and CBB’s are great options for nipple piercings but if you’re someone who is physically active, such as, plays sports or you find it’s getting caught on your bra you may want to change to a barbell. The more your nipple jewelry moves around the higher the chances of migration and scarring.


Gauge size for nipple rings and barbells.

For both male and female nipple jewelry, straight or curved barbells should be 2mm longer than the piercing and between 16-12 gauge in size. CBR’s (rings) and CBB’s (horseshoes) should be between 14-12 gauge in size, with no more than 1/3 of the ring passing through the nipple. Most nipple jewelry come standard in 14g, however, if you’re brave and willing your nipple can be stretched as large and your anatomy will allow.


Body jewelry insertion and healing

To ease insertion, we recommend using a dab of our StretchAide lubricant to get the jewellery through. Our StretchAide Lubricant is water based and contains no perfumes or dyes and make insertion and stretching a much more enjoyable process.

The average healing time for a nipple piercing is 6-8 months. Jewelry can be changed and should be downsized after two months.

We only use implant grade metals, such as 316LVM surgical steel and titanium. All of our jewels are genuine semi-precious stones and Austrian crystals. Some dangles are metal alloy with rhodium plating, rhodium plating makes the dangles more shiny and durable, which is ideal for casting and makes them perfect for jewelry with fine details.

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