Nose Rings

Our Nose jewelry lines include screws, pins, bones, segment rings and 3/4 hoops featuring high-quality pieces designed especially for nostril piercings!

Types and styles of nose rings

BodyMods has a style for every nose. With so many styles, colours, finishes, and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which nose ring is the right nose ring for you. Nose ring styles go beyond a simple nose stud. While there are many different kinds of nose rings that look like nose studs, there are actually many different styles and types of nose rings. BodyMods has a large collection of nose rings of all types of styles and materials. No matter your preference, there is a BodyMods nose ring for you.


Chain nose rings are for those with double nostril piercings who want their piercings connected. Chains are simple to apply. Simply thread your nose jewelry through each end. The chain rests on the top and sides of your nose and is a great way to make a statement with minimal jewelry.


BodyMods’ nose bones are designed especially for nostril piercings. Nose bones have a small bump at the end of the post to hold them in place. We recommend using our StretchAide Lube to help slide the nose bone into your piercing.

Pins and Screws

Designed especially for nostril piercings, pins are made to be bent or come pre-bent, allowing them to slide easily into your piercing and stay put.

Instead of a bend like pins, screws have a small hook at the end of the post that holds them in place. To wear them, you turn them into your piercing, like you would a screw.

3/4 Hoops

Hoops created for nostril piercings, 3/4 hoops give the illusion of a full ring look without the hassle. One end has a flat disc that sits flat against the inside of your nostril.

We use implant-grade metals, such as 316LVM surgical steel and titanium, so they’re hypoallergenic and made of quality material. All jewel work is genuine semi-precious stones and Austrian crystals, so they won’t lose their sparkle over time.

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