Plugs are the jewelry most often worn in stretched piercings to “plug” the hole. It’s important to get the right size when buying them as putting in a size too big can damage your piercing.

They come in 4 main styles that hold them in:

  • No Flare is just the barrel, held in place with an o-ring.
  • Single Flare has a lip at one end and an o-ring on the other.
  • Double Flare or Saddle has a lip on both ends. If you struggle with double flares, we recommend StretchAide lube to help slide it in.
  • Machine Head or Screw-On have one end will unscrew. They have externally thread to ensure ease of insertion.

In addition to these, BodyMods carries two lines of unique plugs:

  • Bling Plugs have a bezel set or a claw set Austrian crystal on the front. The crystals have maximum sparkle that really catch your eye.
  • Stash Plugs are hollow inside but capped on the ends. The hollow chamber is perfect for hiding small treasures.

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