Hinged Segment Rings

Where can you wear Hinged Segment Rings? Almost everywhere, segment rings are one of THE most versatile styles of jewellery we carry. Hinged segment rings give a seamless ring look without the work of trying to click a loose segment in. If you’re new to body jewellery, that’s how the regular segment rings work. Imagine a captive bead ring, but instead of a bead, it’s a little curved bar. This just clicks open, slides through the piercing and clicks it closed. It’s that easy! Our segment rings are made of implant grade metals like surgical steel and titanium, and our jewelled styles are set with gorgeous Austrian crystals. Every ring comes with a guarantee against defects.

These are a favourite for almost any piercing (like we said before). Let’s look at a few examples: daith, rook piercings, labret and lip piercings, septum, nostril, eyebrow piercings, and so many more than we can list! Show us where you chose to wear yours with #BodyModsFamous on Instagram. We LOVE seeing our jewellery out in the real world. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new jewellery, product info, sales, and more.

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