Septum piercings have been a popular nose piercing option for decades. With so many options for jewelry, septum piercings are a fun piercing to get creative with. You need specialty septum ring jewelry if you want something with a bit more pizzazz.

Types of septum jewelry


Clickers are made up of a 16g or 14g bar that is worn through the septum that clicks into a divot. Clickers are for the aesthetic, so they’re commonly found with elements like crystals, opals, and filigree.

Hinged Segment rings

A style of seamless rings, hinged segment rings have a bar attached to the ring with a hinge, making it easier to put in and take out.


A Bendable is another style of seamless ring. Rather than having a segment, the piece is fitted into the piercing by twisting it side to side.

Captive Bead Rings (CBR)

CBR have a bead with dimples on each side. The pressure of the ring, pressing its two ends into the dimples, holds the bead in place.

Circular Barbells (horseshoe)

Circular barbells are the middle ground between a ring and a barbell. We call them CBBs for short, but their most famous nickname is “horseshoe,” as that’s what they resemble. CBBs can be worn almost everywhere-they is one of the most versatile jewelry items.


Retainers are primarily intended to make the piercing less obvious or hide it. These pieces are simple in design, made with high-quality implant-grade metals, and come in various sizes suitable for multiple septum piercings.


Tusks are designed to look like a horn or bone tusk. They are worn for aesthetics and are a unique way to showcase your style. Tusks are intended as a dramatic statement piece and are made with implant-grade metals such as surgical steel and titanium. These pieces are solid, so you must stretch your piercing to get them in. They have a slight flare to hold them in place. While tusks are designed as septum jewelry, they are a fun item to get creative with and can be worn in ear lobes and other piercings, as long as you are careful not to poke yourself!

Feel confident in your jewelry quality with BodyMods

Our specialty septum lines are made with implant-grade metals, genuine semi-precious stones, and Austrian crystals. If you want to read more about septum jewellery, check out our Modipedia.