Tunnels are the jewellery most often worn in stretched piercings to “plug” the hole, they are hollow in the centre. It’s important to get the right size when buying them as putting in a size too big can damage your piercing.

They come in 4 main styles that hold them in:

  • No Flare is just the barrel, held in place with an o-ring.
  • Single Flare has a lip at one end and an o-ring on the other.
  • Double Flare or Saddle has a lip on both ends. If you struggle with double flares, we recommend StretchAide lube to help slide it in.
  • Machine Head or Screw-On have one end will unscrew. They have an external thread to ensure ease of insertion.

Tunnels are available in a wide variety of materials. Some of which include, implant grade metals, lucite, silicone, organic materials such as wood and stone.

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