H2Ocean Tattoo Ocean Foam

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Ocean Foam is the first all natural, water based skin moisturizing foam that is designed for the tattoo community. H2Ocean’s Ocean Foam acts as a natural liquid bandage that moisturizes your tattoo while locking in colour without clogging your pores.

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    H2Ocean Tattoo Ocean Foam is the first of it's kind. An all natural, water based, moisturizing foam designed for the tattoo community. How does it work? H2Ocean's Ocean Foam acts as a natural liquid bandage. The foam also moisturizes your tattoo without clogging your pores. This foam barrier stops airborne pathogens from entering your tattoo with its high-quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. When used according to directions, H2Ocean Tattoo Ocean Foam minimizes scabbing. Additionally, it infuses your skin with necessary vitamins and minerals. This combo soothes your skin while creating the best healing environment for your new tattoo. As an added bonus? H2Ocean is a big supporter of the environment. They use all natural ingredients. The key ingredient in Ocean Foam is sea kelp. Sea kelp's a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition to removing toxins, it's what helps soothe and hydrate your skin. H2Ocean is also a part of Project/BlueGreen, a foundation dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and preserving the environment. They are also a part of the APP, Surfrider Foundation and other groups dedicated to high body modification and environmental standards. For more information on aftercare and our other tattoo aftercare products, click here. Use #BodyModsFamous and show us your healing journey! We LOVE seeing the impact of our products out in the real world. Bonus points if you got it done at one of our Studios. Finally, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new jewelry, product info, sales, and more. Ocean Foam Bottle: 56.7g/2oz


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