BodyMods StretchAide Lubricant

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This BodyMods exclusive product is a water-based lube specially formulated for stretching your existing piercings or to aid in putting in your jewelry. A fantastic alternative to anything you’ve tried!

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    BodyMods StretchAide Lubricant is a 100% water based lubricant. This lubricant is an important part of a slow and safe routine to stretch your piercings.  It's also the perfect compliment to BodyMods StretchAide Tape. Why water based? Water based lube is the best option for stretching as it is oil free. This means there's no oil or petroleum. Using an oil based lubricant can attract dirt and germs to your piercing. A freshly stretched piercing is a healing piercing - you want to keep it as clean as possible to avoid infection. How does it work? With clean hands, apply a small amount of BodyMods StretchAide Lubricant on your jewelry. You can use our lubricant on tapers or with PTFE taped plugs/tunnels. This will help it glide into the piercing. Removing friction when stretching is important to avoid tears and blowouts, which can make sizing up or down harder later on. For more information on how to stretch, click here. Whether it's ears, lips, or whatever you're stretching, use #BodyModsFamous on Instagram to show us your journey! We LOVE seeing our products out in the real world. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new jewelry, product info, sales, and more. BodyMods StretchAide Bottle:  120ml/4oz


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