PTFE Push-In Hoop Retainer 16g

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Material: PTFE
Stone: N/A
Setting: N/A
Threading: Push in
Wear It Here: Lip, medusa, ears, and more!

Each piece sold individually.

    Why would you wear the PTFE Push-In Hoop Retainer? Retainers are perfect for when you need to hide a piercing (work, job interviews, etc.) or for when you can't have metal (surgery, MRIs, etc). This PTFE retainer is great for hiding your piercing without relying on an o-ring to hold it in. The pressure fit top is more secure than an o-ring. These are also super easy to wear. Like our bioplast labrets, the top pushes into the post. The PTFE Push-In Hoop Retainer is a soft, flexible material called PTFE. PTFE (also called Bio-Plast, Bioflex, etc.) is a biocompatible material. Biocompatible means it won't break down when exposed to your bodily fluids. It's comfortable and easy to wear to hide piercings or keep them open during medical procedures like surgery or an MRI. This piece is a favourite for hiding piercings (like we said before). Here are a few examples: lobes, conch piercings, helix, lip piercings, tragus, septum piercings, and so many more than we can list! Show us where you wear yours with #BodyModsFamous on Instagram. We LOVE seeing our jewelry out in the real world. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new jewelry, product info, sales, and more.


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