PTFE or Lucite Straight Retainer 14g

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Material: Bio-Plast (PTFE) or Lucite
Stone: N/A
Setting: N/A
Threading: N/A
Size: 20mm post
Wear It Here: Nipple, tongue, and more!

Each piece sold individually.

    Where can you wear the PTFE or Lucite Straight Retainer 14g? Almost anywhere - curved barbells are one of THE most versatile styles of jewelry we carry. Wear a straight barbell in piercings for the look of studs. The perks of a straight barbell: they move less and catch on fewer things than hoops. This is why piercers use curved or straight barbells instead of captive bead rings and circular barbells for fresh piercings. The PTFE or Lucite Straight Retainer 14g is made with your choice of soft PTFE or sturdy Lucite, so it's completely hypoallergenic! Both options are ideal for hiding your piercings at work and events or for medical procedures (X-Rays, surgery, etc). The posts are held in place with silicone o-rings. PTFE (also called Bio-Plast) is a soft, flexible and biocompatible material. Lucite is a high-grade acrylic. Lucite is ideal for body jewelry because it doesn't leech chemicals into your skin. This is a risk with other, cheaper plastics. This piece is a favourite for so many piercings (like we said before). Here are a few examples: tongue, nipples, conch piercings, transverse lobe piercings, project piercings, and so many more than we can list! Show us where you wear yours with #BodyModsFamous on Instagram. We LOVE seeing our jewelry out in the real world. Finally, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new jewelry, product info, sales, and more.


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