Tri-Cross Dangle Cuff Earrings

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Material: PVD or 316LVM surgical steel
Stone: N/A
Setting: N/A
Threading: N/A
Size: 4mm bandwidth, 9mm diameter, and 35mm cross length
Wear It Here: Ear Lobes!

Cuff earrings are sold as pairs.

Lifetime Guarantee (Per-Piece)

    Introducing our Cuff Earring Collection, designed by BodyMods Canada. We design our ear cuffs with hypoallergenic materials to ensure comfort and durability.
    For our silver coloured cuffs, we use 316LVM surgical steel. This is because it's hypoallergenic. This means it won't cause an allergic reaction. Our yellow gold and blackline cuffs are grade 23 titanium. This grade of titanium is hypoallergenic, bio-compatible and porous. Bio-compatible means it's safe to use in medical implants - so you know it's going to do well in your ear. The fact that it's porous means the PVD coating lasts longer.
    Say goodbye to skin irritations by wearing earrings that feel as good as they look.
    What is PVD coating (physical vapour deposition) coating? It's a process of creating a vapour to colour our titanium. Then it's deposited onto the jewelry. As a result, the titanium looks gold or black. We use 14k gold for the yellow gold and titanium carbide our blackline. Moreover, PVD is more durable and longer lasting than traditional plating.
    Our Cuff Earrings cater to all tastes and styles. We have versatile styles ranging from timeless classic to the latest fashion trends. They're easy to wear with their hinged design and easy to clean.
    BodyMods - Professionals in Body Jewelry and Body Piercing for over 20 years. *Please note: A small number of people react to 316LVM surgical steel. If this is you, we recommend a blackline titanium option.
    – Shipping: in Canada and worldwide.
    – Returns:
    Due to the hygienic nature of our product and for your protection, all sales are final.  Exchanges will be made on defective items only, within 3 months of purchase, with original receipt.  Thank you for understanding.

    This includes anything breaking, chipping, fading, cracking, stripping or falling apart.

    The guarantee does not include the following:  Lost jewelry or beads, broken organics, glass, stone or cracked organic jewelry (kindly explain that losing an item or breaking it via dropping or improper care does not make it defective), vibrating jewelry or their batteries, artwork, aftercare, Punky Colour or contacts.

    Moreover, BodyMods offers “LIFETIME GUARANTEE” for only $5, protecting your jewelry for life.



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