>>Slave rings: BDSM’s influence on body mods

Slave rings: BDSM’s influence on body mods

slave rings
Slave rings (AKA door knocker and bondage bar) takes inspiration from the BDSM scene. Ever seen a collar that a sub would wear? You get the idea then. If you don’t know what any of these words mean, Google it (or ask your mom, but please don’t mention us! 😂).
These rings are CBRs with threading that screw onto a barbell or labret post. You can choose to wear them to straight, curved, or circular barbells. This look is for aesthetics only (we’ll explain in a moment). We sell them most often for the tongue. Runner-ups include the navel and nipples.
So why only aesthetics? Unlike their collar counterparts, we don’t recommend attaching a rope or a chain to these slave rings. The rings would pop off if you were to try to pull on them with any amount of force. Pulling on your jewellery can irritate it, and in cases of thinner gauges (like 20g), you may even tear it. That’s no bueno in our books – unless you’re into that kind of thing? We won’t judge.
Tell us in the comments below if you’d ever wear a slave ring and if so, where?
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