>>Stories of September: Nikki Pippus

Stories of September: Nikki Pippus

stories of september: nikki pippus

Every week in September, we’ll be highlighting one of our favourite clients in 2019! We’re continuing our Stories of September with Nikki Pippus.

Stories of September: Nikki Pippus

This year I’ve seen a rise in the standard industrial piercing.

An industrial piercing is the bar that travels across the top of your ear.
Unfortunately, not everyone has the proper anatomy to aid in healing one. Many people don’t know your body might prevent you from getting your dream piercing! If you are one of those people, this piercing might be a unique alternative for you.
I am a freak for the unique and unusual. It keeps my days from getting boring with the same old.
I performed this piercing on one of our lovely Crew members. We have yet to name it. Some names come to mind (tronch or conchagus are just a few).
I custom curated this little beauty to be a perfect fit the anatomy.
If you have ever wanted to get a piercing but didn’t know what to get, have a quick chat with me. I can come up with something you would have never thought of 🙂


Check back next week for Jake’s favourite client!

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