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Sarah McMullen

Sarah McMullen has been working at BodyMods Canada since 2008. She spent her career learning everything about body jewellery and how it works with a client’s body. Her interest in the modification industry began when she was quite young. Her first piercing was a labret pierced at the age of 14.

In 2019, she decided it was time to take her knowledge of the industry and love of jewellery further. It was time to actually start piercing people. She has moved from managing The Studio by BodyMods to an apprenticeship with Lee Ozeki.

She is enjoying the learning process of piercing and feels confident in her progress.

Outside of the modification world, you’ll find Sarah cooking and baking vegan treats for the people in her life. Some other passions of hers are music, movies and nature walks.

Check her out on Instagram or contact her by email.

Phone: (604) 593-6633
Email: [email protected]

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