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Exchange Policy

Due to the hygienic nature of our product and for your protection, all sales are final. Exchanges will be made on defective items only, within 3 months of purchase, with original receipt. Thank you for understanding. Read more here.

General FAQs

Yes, we are. All current BodyMods locations are open year-round. If we ever roll-out a pop-up location, we will announce it through our social media accounts.

Yes, we take debit and every major card – Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

We open and close with the same hours as the mall we’re in. Find the location nearest you and for their hours. For The Studio by BodyMods hours , check out their page.

Yes, we do offer gift receipts upon request. We also offer gift certificates, if you are not sure what to get them.

We have three shipping options at this time.

Untracked shipping is through Canada Post and will take a little longer than tracked to reach you. Once your package has left our warehouse, we have no way to track it.

Tracked shipping is through Canada Post and you will receive a tracking number when your order starts processing. It should become active in 24-48 hours. Tracked shipping is the fastest shipping method we offer.

Local Pick-Up is prioritized above other orders for the day. We will fill your order in the morning and contact you when it is finished to arrange the pick up. Please do not come before we contact you – depending on the volume of orders we receive, processing times will vary. This option is only recommended for people who can make it to our office in Surrey, BC. We are not able to offer local pick-up at our mall locations at this time.

All returned or exchanged jewellery is sent to head office for proper disposal. Returned/exchanged jewellery is never re-sold at any BodyMods location.

If you’re a BodyMods member at the time of your purchase, you do not need to keep a physical copy of your receipt. We can look you up in our system!

Our warranty system is a one-time exchange only, covering any manufacturer defect. The replacement item is not valid for an additional warranty.

Exchanges are only done on defective items, due to the hygienic nature of the products we sell.

We recommend bringing your jewellery to The Studio by BodyMods. Our piercers can use jewellery you’ve bought at a BodyMods location – or you can also select from the exclusive jewellery at The Studio.

We won’t pierce with jewellery we don’t sell as we can’t guarantee it’s the right quality for a piercing.  Thank you for understanding.

If you can’t make it to The Studio by BodyMods, you’ll have to ask the shop about their policies on it.

BodyMods Crew (with the exception of our piercers at The Studio by BodyMods) are not permitted to touch your piercings or jewellery you’ve worn. This is to guarantee the hygienic safety of our Crew and clients. Our Crew can, however, explain how to put in the jewellery pieces you buy.

If you bring in the jewellery you already own, we can often help you figure out what size you need. You can also measure the jewellery with a ruler and tell us the size in millimetres – we’ll find your size that way. Of these two options, we recommend bringing the jewellery in to guarantee the right sizing.

We are always on the lookout for awesome individuals with bold work passion to become members of our Crew. Find our application form here.

The best way to clean your jewellery is with warm water and a mild soap (we recommend Blue Green Foam by H2Ocean) once you get home – we aren’t equipped with sinks at our retail locations unfortunately! Things like alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. will compromise the quality of your jewellery. To keep your jewellery looking sharp, make sure to keep it clean and maintain regularly.

A picture or scan of a warranty will not be enough to qualify for our warranty program. A physical copy of your warranty is required for any exchange.

If the person you want to buy a gift for is signed up as a member with BodyMods, we can track their jewellery sizes. Also, if you bring in a piece of the jewellery they wear now, we can match that size.

Our stock is constantly updated to keep up with ever-changing trends and customer feedback. To see our all of our lines with the newest items available for immediate purchase from any device, visit our online store.

Yes, we have tons of great jewellery choices for men (and women –  all of our jewellery is gender neutral). We have a ton of designs and styles – we know that there will be something to suit every taste. You can get an idea of our wide selection by visiting one of our locations or by browsing our online store.

Our Central City location carries unique accessories and clothing. Stop in to check out their newest arrivals or check online to see what we carry.

Alcohol-based cleaners are not recommended. Alcohol will dry out your skin and can damage your jewellery, depending on the material. We recommend cleaning your new jewellery at home before inserting it with appropriate cleaner and warm water. Our favourite is Blue Green Foam, an amazing H2Ocean soap.

Almost any piece of jewellery can go in almost any piercing! As long as the gauge is correct, your imagination is the only limit. (Please note: getting too crazy with this can irritate your piercing). If you want a piece of jewellery that is considered “standard” for your piercing, check out our piercing guide and it will let you know what the most common types of jewellery used for that piercing are.

Sorry, we can’t do this. Your skin is too stretchy to get an accurate measurement. But we can measure a piece of your jewellery that fits in that ear and give you a size from that.

Currently, location stock can only be checked by phone. If you stop by one of our locations, we can give any store a call and check with the Crew at another location to try to find that piece you really want. Otherwise, you can check our online store for the piece you want.

Yes, absolutely! Order online to find exactly what you are looking for. When you’re checking out, tell us where you want it delivered. You can send it to your home or have it sent to a location near you where you can pick it up.

This is coming soon! We’ll be able to place an order for you at one of our locations and either send it to your home or have it sent to your nearest location for you to pick up.

We often have great sales that are announced at our locations and through social media. You can click here for a list of current promotions. If you’re one of our BodyMods Members, we have ongoing specials and promotions for members only.

We only send out emails to alert our members to sales, specials, and events. Some months are busy and some are very quietly!

Due to the hygienic nature of our product, we cannot permit clients to try on jewellery. You wouldn’t want it if you knew a stranger had worn it before you, right?

Our talented artists are always innovating and coming out with new, exciting material. For example, there are a ton of great figures represented in our Digoil Renowned pieces. To name a few: Ariel, Snow White, Belle, and other Disney characters – as well as a host of others from film, music, and more! As a result, we’re always updating our art selection and getting a great mix of offerings out to our locations. For the largest in store selection, you can visit our Central City location. To see everything we’ve got, head to our online store and browse around.

We can’t offer piercing services at our retail locations (they’re just not hygienic enough), but we do have professional body piercers at The Studio by BodyMods. Check The Studio page for info and to book in.

We can’t offer tattoo services at our retail locations (they’re just not hygienic enough), but we do have professional tattoo artists at The Studio by BodyMods. Check The Studio page for info and to book in.

A healthy piercing starts at the beginning. It’s so important to make sure that you are getting your piercing done by a professional body piercer. Not a well-meaning (but untrained) sales associate with a piercing gun. Improper piercing techniques and tools can lead to damage and infection. It’s not worth the risk! By booking with a professional piercer, you’ll dramatically lower your risk of complications. The Studio by BodyMods has professional piercers available every day of the week.

Contact Lenses

Yes! We carry a wide selection of contacts all year round. We get wilder contact lenses that come in for special events – usually around Halloween! Keep an eye on our social media for updates on new arrivals.

All of our contacts are for cosmetic purposes only and are non-prescription.

This depends on the style you’d like! Our 3-tone contacts have a soft, natural look that will enhance the existing look and colour of your eyes. This style will appear to be a more natural colour. On dark eyes, the change will be very subtle. Our Explosion line completely replaces your natural colour with a  bold new hue. These contacts are striking – be prepared for people to notice! These will have the most dramatic effect on dark eyes. Other styles will appear on dark eyes. But as a general rule, the darker the contacts’ colour, the softer the effect will be. Browse our full selection of contact lenses online.

Our contacts last for up to 90 days of wear. They can last for 90 days straight or 90 days over the course of a year. How long your contacts last depends on how you care for them. You’ll know time is up when the contacts start to feel gritty or make your vision hazy. The moment this happens, it’s time to throw them out and get a new pair.

To ensure you get the most out of your contacts, you’ll want to follow some simple guidelines. The basics are to always wash your hands before touching the lenses. Make sure to store them in a clean container with fresh contact solution at room temperature. Make sure the lid is always on your solution bottle properly and that the lids on your contact case are closed tightly.

You should avoid sleeping with the contacts in. You also don’t want to get make up, soap, or cleansers on the lenses. Please never put your contacts in your mouth – even to keep them moist until you get to solution. All of these tips will help your contacts last longer and keep your eyeballs happy and healthy – win-win!

Browse our full selection of contact lenses online.

Hair Colours

Punky Colours are semi-permanent, meaning they fade a little bit with every wash. Punky Colours can last anywhere from 5 to 40 washes.

Punky lasts longer when using it on colour treated hair. It washes out from natural hair quicker (even if you’re a natural blonde).

Want it to last longer? Keep it in your hair for a minimum of an hour. The longer you leave it on, the bolder the colour will be and the longer it will last. Punky is a direct dye, which is safe to leave on for hours, unlike traditional dyes – it also smells so much better. In fact, Punky is pretty much a conditioner, and your hair will thank you for leaving it on longer.

You can mix a bit of your Punky Colour in with your regular conditioner to help prevent fading each time you wash.

Shop all Punky Colours online.


There are a few ways, but the most common method is tapering. This involves inserting tapers into your piercing. Each taper should gradually increase in size until you reach your goal. Another method growing in popularity is stacking. This involves adding more jewellery to your piercing little by little to stretch it out. Both methods take time and care. For more in-depth instructions and the pros and cons of each method, check out our Stretching section.

The experience, like any, will be different for everyone. In general, if done patiently and with proper technique, there should not be pain – but you may feel some mild discomfort. If you do experience pain while stretching, speak to a piercing professional. Our Crew at The Studio by BodyMods is always happy to help you with any of your modification questions.

Most lubricants available on the market are not designed for stretching piercings. While safe for their intended uses, they often have additives that will irritate a piercing. This is why we created BodyMods StretchAide. We’ve carefully designed this water-based lubricant to keep your piercing happy.

In general, 2G to 00G is considered “the point of no return” for ears. This size drops down to 8G for most other piercings. This rule has proven pretty consistent, but it’s a range for a reason. Many factors effect if your piercing will be permanently stretched. Things like the elasticity of your skin, if you stretched safely, etc. will make a difference. There’s so many variables that you don’t know until you try, so make sure you’re ready to commit before diving in.

Any piercing will get dead skin cells building up, and there is a smell that comes with that. This also happens with stretching – it’s commonly called ear cheese. It should go away with a gentle wash, but if the smell continues or you feel physical discomfort at the site of the piercing, see a medical professional.

Exchange Policy

Due to the hygienic nature of our product and for your protection, all sales are final. Exchanges will be made on defective items only, within 3 months of purchase, with original receipt. Thank you for understanding. Read more here.

Jewellery: General

Yes! We absolutely carry a great selection of earrings for standard, traditional ear piercings. Check out our selection online at or any of our locations.

All our jewellery is gender neutral. We have jewellery with very diverse designs, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your personal style.

Yes, we do. We carry a lot of rad dermal tops in different styles – you’ll definitely find one to fit your needs! You can browse our full selection at our online store, or see them in real life at our Central City location and at The Studio by BodyMods.

A machine head is a style of plug (or tunnel) also known as a screw-on. One side unscrews so you can put the “base” through your piercing of choice. To lock it in place, screw the two pieces back together. Check out what they look like on our online store.

You bet! You can check out all sorts of accessories beyond body jewellery at our Central City location or on our online store.

Any jewellery will show signs of damage or discolouration over time if not cared for. This is true of the cheap stuff and expensive jewellery.

When you get your new piece, make sure you know the love it requires. Some metals like silver need polishing, materials like wood need to be oiled and kept away from water, and so on. Some styles like dangles aren’t meant for daily wear or to sleep in. It’d be like wearing your favourite statement necklace to bed. You’ll look great, but it doesn’t make sense, right?

Our Crew can teach you how to keep your piece looking its best – it’ll look good as long as you treat it right.

Yep! We can customize what you need to keep your belly ring happy throughout your pregnancy. Come in and see us at any our locations to discuss what you need and one of our team will set you up with the specific length and beads you want.

Know what you want? Check out our online store to order it today.

Jewellery: Sizes

Simply put, gauge is the thickness of your jewellery’s barbell – the part that actually sits in your piercing.

Gauge started off as a unit of measurement for wire (known as the American Wire Gauge system). For strange, historical reasons, gauge starts at 0G (8mm) and 00G (9.5mm) and goes to small sizes such as 18G (1.04mm). The key here is the smaller the gauge sounds, the bigger it is.

When measuring body jewellery, the diameter is the space between inside edges of a circular barbell or a ring. It is important that measurement is not taken from the outside edges of the jewellery.

Typical ear piercings are usually 18 or 16 gauge.

Jewellery: Materials

We carry the good stuff. Our jewellery is made implant grade metals, organics, stone, 14kt gold, .925 silver, brass, Lucite, and silicone. Every material we carry is chosen for the health and safety of your piercing – we don’t mess around with low quality materials. We also use genuine semi-precious stones and Austrian crystal. Austrian crystals shine bright and never lose their sparkle or get cloudy like cubic zirconia does. Check out our collections online.

Most of our jewellery is made with 316LVM surgical steel, and we carry titanium and niobium as well – all of which are implant grade. We only carry high quality materials (metal or otherwise) to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and to protect your piercing from other irritations.

Anodizing is a process by which electricity is used to coat metals. Anodizing is coloured by dipping the jewellery in an electrolyte formula and zapping it – the result is a colourful finish that won’t chip and is resistant to fading. It’s not a plating or a painted on colour. Check them out on our online store.

Annealing is a process of heating and cooling metal in a vacuum to make it more malleable (flexible) and resistant to metal fatigue (this means you can bend and twist it lots without the metal snapping). It also reduces the corrosive tendencies of hardened metal. In other words, it removes the bad stuff and “cleans up” the metal.

For body jewellery, you want it to be annealed enough to make insertion safer and easier, but not so soft that tools will scratch it. Check out our online store – all our metal jewellery is annealed.

Eventually, yes. You can make your plating last longer through care and maintenance. The better you take care of it, the longer you’ll keep the finish you fell in love with. Visit your local BodyMods or send us a message and our Crew can teach you the best ways to care for your plated jewellery.

Our jewellery is almost all implant grade, however it’s impossible to completely remove all the nickel from a metal – nickel being the most common cause of metal allergies. If you have an extreme sensitivity, you may have a reaction, though most people (even those with milder allergies) will be fine. If you’ve worried about allergies, we recommend sticking with our surgical steel, blackline titanium, anodized titanium, wood, stone, lucite, bioplast or silicone options. Don’t worry – we have you covered. Please read under DESCRIPTION + on the product page to find out exactly what metals are used in the jewellery you’re interested in.

Yes – but the pain varies person to person. Piercings almost always feel like a quick pinch while you get them done. A piercing may also hurt as it heals – this is normal.

Each piercing has a unique price based on its complexity. You can view our full price list for details.

On average, most piercings take three months to heal. Outside of this general rule, some piercings can take as little as a few weeks while others take up to a year. Your piercer will talk to you about how long your specific piercing will take to heal when you come in.

At The Studio you need to be at least 16 years old for most piercings. For more intimate piercings, you must be at least 18 years old.

Exceptions will be made with parental consent and at the discretion of the piercer.

Yes. All of our prices include basic 316LVM surgical steel jewellery. We have a collection of upgraded jewellery exclusive to The Studio you can choose from so you can treat yourself to something fancy.

Yes, we have a wide range of exclusive jewellery at The Studio by BodyMods to choose from. Options include opals, titanium, niobium, gold, and more. Visit us in store to see what we’ve got.

If you bring in a piece you’ve bought at a BodyMods location with the receipt, we’ll happily pierce you with that. Unfortunately, we won’t pierce with jewellery from elsewhere as we can’t guarantee that the jewellery is safe to pierce with, and we’d hate to start you off with a bad piece of metal.

Walk in are always welcome! We can’t guarantee we’ll be available the moment you arrive, but we’ll do our best to get you in ASAP.

Pressed for time? Call us at The Studio and we’ll set up an appointment.

Yes, swelling, bruising, and bleeding are all normal side effects of a fresh piercing. If you’re worried your piercing isn’t healing properly, you can come visit our professional piercers at The Studio by BodyMods for advice. We’ll look it over whether you were pierced here or not.

If your swelling is down and your jewellery is too big, come in to The Studio by BodyMods and one of our professional piercers will downsize your jewellery. We recommend waiting until the piercing is fully healed before changing the jewellery yourself.

You’ll want to clean your new piercing with saline three times a day. We recommend H2Ocean’s sprays for their sterility and convenience. Some piercings require additional steps. You can talk with your piercer when you come in or check our Aftercare page for more info.

We don’t recommend this. While each of these products are great at their intended use, they’ll dry out a piercing. This slows the healing process and increases the risk of infection. Using a saline solution like H2Ocean spray will keep your piercing happy and healthy.

No. We don’t use piercing guns and neither will any other professional body piercer. While newer models of guns use disposable parts to increase sterility, they cannot be autoclaved. This means they’re never going to be as sterile as a piercing needle. Guns also pierce you with the jewellery you’ll wear to heal in. This causes blunt force trauma to the pierced area, sometimes even shattering cartilage. A piercing needle is hollow – and we know that sounds scarier, but hear us out.

The hollow needle eliminates blunt force trauma, allowing the piercing to heal easier and with less complications. A professional piercer will also use proper jewellery to allow for swelling. Guns use a one size fits all method of sizing jewellery and won’t be able to assess on a case by case basis if you need something with more wiggle room.

Also? A gun is prone to malfunctions. There are a bunch of moving parts that can jam up. This can lead to cross contamination and unnecessary trauma, depending on the sales person handling the gun.

It’s different for everyone, but your hole can close as quickly as within 24 hours. If your jewellery falls out, clean it and get it in ASAP.

Need help? Our professional piercers at The Studio are here for you.

Honestyl? Probably not. Most people misidentify a whole bunch of complications and even normal healing as an infection.

A healing piercing will have plasma. When it dries it becomes “crusties” on your jewellery. A lot of people mistake this as a sign of an infection – it’s actually super normal. You just need to clean them off gently with warm water and saline.

The most common complication mistaken for an infection is an allergy. Allergies will be red and flaky – it will look like the skin is trying to “run away” from the metal. If you’re not sure if your piercing is healing normally, visit one of our professional piercers at The Studio, and we’ll check you out.

Pain is a very personal experience. Something that was nothing more than a few gentle pokes for you may be the worst thing to ever happen to a friend that gets the same piece. To make this harder to answer, different spots on the body also hurt more or less than others. To get the best answer for your next tattoo, discuss what you want with one of our artists.

Prices for tattoos vary based on many factors – like size, colour, and art style. You can check out our price list and request your free consultation.

This depends on the tattoo you get. A very simple tattoo could be done in half an hour, and very complex tattoos can take multiple days, at several hours per day. Consult with one of our artists to see how long yours will take.

To get a tattoo without parental consent at The Studio, you must be 18 years of age. If you’re under 18 and would like a tattoo, work will be done with parental consent and at the artist’s discretion.

Where ever you like! Tattoos are all about expressing yourself. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can check our social media or chat with one of our artists about it.

Definitely! We can’t guarantee that we have a free chair the moment you walk in, but we will let you know who is available next and get you set up ASAP.

If you have limited time and want to be sure of when you can get tattooed, give us a call and we’ll set you up with a consultation or appointment.

For sure, but please know we can’t give you an exact replica of an image you bring in, since everyone’s art style is a little bit different – we’re humans, not photocopiers!

Your artist will use it as inspiration and create a design you’re proud to wear. Book a consultation to share your image with one of our artists and see what you come up with.

Of course! The first touch-up is free within 6 months of the original tattoo.

Visit the shop you’re thinking of going to! It should be as clean as a medical examination room. Ask if they use disposable needles. Do they have an autoclave? You can ask to view their autoclave spore test results or check their health board records (You can find the Studio by BodyMods’ track record on the Fraser Health website).

To pick the artist you like, check their portfolios – do you like their work? Come in and meet them when you’re checking out the shop. You want to like the person you’ll be potentially spending hours with. They should also be clean, presentable, and sober.

You want to make sure you’re well rested and have eaten before you get tattooed. Shower first too – you’ll want to avoid showering after on the day it’s done. We also recommend bringing a fully charged phone or tablet. And please avoid drinking and smoking weed the night before or day of – both these substances can affect the way your body handles a tattoo in different ways. We don’t wanna ruin your fun, but we promise we’re looking out for you here.

We don’t recommend it. When you’re sick, your body is already trying it’s hardest to get better. If you can’t reschedule, be aware that it will make it harder for your tattoo to heal and for you to get over your cold.

If you’re on any medications or have something more serious than a cold, ask your doctor if a tattoo is safe.

When your tattoo is finished, your artist will bandage you up and give you directions on how long to leave the bandage on for. The length of time depends on your bandage and the size of your piece.

For tattoos bandaged with second skin, you’ll want to leave it on for roughly 24 hours. Any fluids under the bandage that you see are completely normal. More traditional bandages should only be left on for a few hours.

After you remove the bandage, you’ll want to wash your tattoo with a mild soap. We recommend H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam. Certain spots like hands and feet will require more touch ups than others due to the skin being different than other spots.

For full aftercare advice, check out our aftercare guides.

Please wait until your tattoo is fully healed to shave. Shaving can cause cuts and tug on flaking skin, which can ruin your tattoo. The hair may be uncomfortable, but you can shave it in a few weeks!

We recommend avoiding swimming, hot tubs, or any activity that submerges your tattoo until it’s fully healed. Showering is okay, but try to keep it from getting too wet and pat dry with a clean towel afterwards.

Exposure to sun is the most common cause of tattoos fading. This doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the sun though! A strong, broad spectrum sunscreen will protect your ink. We love H2Ocean’s Sea Life Sunscreen for this. It’s specially formulated to protect tattoos – and it’s reef safe.

You know it! We offer micro tattoos, cremation tattoos, Soundwave tattoos, UV ink, microblading, and other cosmetic tattooing. For a full list of specialty tattoos and their prices, check out our pricing guides.

Yes, our team is happy to cover-up or restore those old pieces that you’ve fallen out of love with.

Absolutely! We have a waiting area with a TV where your kid can watch cartoons. You can also bring in a tablet or a portable video game for them to play.

Tattoo studios are by nature not a place for kids to run around though. We keep our used needles in sharps containers that are completely secured, but we do have things like used ink cups, gloves, and such in our garbage cans, and we know kids are adventurous and not easily deterred by gross things. Our Crew know what goes where and we follow all health board guidelines, but if you think your kid will get bored and wander into dangerous territory, it might be best to leave them at home.