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Pick the location, give us a few details about when you can come and what you want, and we’ll be in touch to confirm your appointment at a piercing studio. It’s that easy.

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The Studio by BodyMods (Fleetwood, Surrey): 604-593-6633.

Studio 2 by BodyMods (Central City Shopping Centre): 604-725-0542.

Studio 3 by BodyMods (Sevenoaks Shopping Centre): 604-832-6678.

Studio 4 by BodyMods (Willowbrook Shopping Centre): 236-887-5047.

Studio 5 by BodyMods (Coquitlam Shopping Centre): 604-446-8481.

Studio 6 by BodyMods (Orchard Park Shopping Centre): 250-258-7798.

Please remember to bring government issued ID when you come for your appointment. If you’re bringing a guardian to sign for you, you’ll both need ID. Thank you!

What to expect at a piercing studio

Body jewelry is a great way to express yourself. Although body piercings can be removed, it is important to understand what you are getting into when you get a piercing. Piercings are a form of body art and can enhance your look and feel of yourself. For advice on what to expect from your piercing experience, read on to hear some tips and tricks on preparing for your piercing appointment.

Location is key for studios and body piercings

There are many different options for piercing studios in Vancouver and many talented piercers. With five studios across Vancouver and B.C., BodyMods’ Studio is a reputable shop with talented artists versed in all styles of tattooing and piercing.
Location is also key when it comes to the placement of the piercing. The options for body jewelry will change depending on what kind of piercing you want.

Do your research

Some studios accept walk-ins, and some prefer appointments; before you decide which studio to go to, do some research into their hours, if you can make an appointment and their reputation.

Make sure your piercer knows what they’re doing

While it is possible to re-pierce a piercing that was either done poorly or fully healed, it is better to get your piercing done correctly the first time. Always work with an artist who is clean, trained, and passionate about their craft.

Body jewelry comes in many different styles

It is important to use the proper type of jewelry for each piercing. Do not try to put a nose ring into a nipple piercing, for example. BodyMods creates jewelry that comes in a wide range of metals, colours and styles. From gold to Titanium to Surgical Steel your piercings will be decked in style and quality.

On the day of your appointment

No matter what type of piercing services you get, there are universal tips to keep the overall experience positive. Drink lots of water on the day of your appointment, and show up well-rested and not hungry. If you are sick or feeling like you are coming down with something, reschedule your appointment. When you are sick, your body is tired. Introducing a wound and the healing process that comes with it can make your body more tired and susceptible to infecion. Make sure you take a proper ID with you, no matter your age. Bring a form of government photo ID with your full name and birth date. If you are 16 or younger, you need parental consent.

Trust the healing process

Piercings are a wound and need to be treated with appropriate wound care. Healing time depends on the individual and the type of piercing, but on average, a piercing will take a few weeks to a several months to heal. When healing, only touch your piercing with washed, clean hands. Do not use rubbing alcohol to clean your piercing, as this can actually make the piercing heal slower. A saline solution such as H2Ocean is the best way to care for and clean your piercing. Talk to your piercing artist about which wound aftercare products will suit you.

Quality services in Vancouver since 2012

As a leading creator in body jewelry, BodyMods’ services align with the belief that quality service in a welcoming, accepting, and safe environment is the best place for any person wanting to get pierced. As one of the leaders in body art in Vancouver and with a passion for education, BodyMods strives to make all services as friendly and transparent as possible. If you have any questions about getting a piercing, jewelry, or the shop, send us a message, and we will be happy to help!

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