What can I wear in my septum?

“What do you have that I can wear in my septum?” A question we hear daily. The answer? Almost all our jewelry.
The septum has a ton of options. You can wear circular barbells, labrets (to hide it), segment rings, CBRs – and that’s just the basics! Personally, I love a hinged segment ring to wear in my septum on a day to day basis. It’s small and easily to take in and out.
Sometimes though, you need something designed with your septum in mind. We got you – here’s four styles we know you’ll love.

Fancy Septum jewelry

First up is the septum clicker! It’s an ornate hoop with a bar that hangs under the nose. The bar clicks open or shut and goes through the piercing. The name “clicker” comes from this mechanism.  The most common gauge for septum clickers is 16g or 14g. Looking for something fancy? Clickers are for you – they’re known for filigree designs, jewels, chains, and stones.
Next, we have Bendables! A Bendable is a seamless ring with a small opening. You twist the ends at this opening apart from each other to put it through your piercing. Once it’s in, twist it back to place, and you’re done. We anneal the metal for these rings (a heating process that makes metal more flexible). This means you won’t need tools to put it in. Always remember to never pull the ends apart to open it! This will warp your ring. Also, it can damage crystals and other decorative bits. Watch our video on how to open Bendables here.

Septum jewelry with a Purpose

Septum retainers hide your piercing. Some will make it less visible, and others will hide it completely. There’s two kinds of septum retainers:
  • Staples: These retainers are usually made with surgical steel, titanium, or glass.
  • Plugs: Single-flare plugs with O-ring grooves are the most common option for this. Plugs may be a better choice of septum retainer for piercings with larger gauges. They’re often more comfortable than staples, the ends of which can be too large to tuck into your nose.
Last, but never least, is the septum tusk. This piece looks like a tribal horn or bone tusk. When made of metal, it’s a straight bar with bent or curved spikes at the ends. It is possible to find tusks made of horn or bone, if you want a more “natural” look.
Which one is your favourite? Tell us what you love in the comments below!
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