>>Minimalist Tattoos: What’s the big deal with tiny tattoos?

Minimalist Tattoos: What’s the big deal with tiny tattoos?

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Where do Minimalist Tattoos Come From?

You’ve probably noticed a trend in the tattooing world – small, minimalist tattoos. They’re all over Instagram and Pinterest – but what makes these small tattoos so compelling?

The rise of tattoos with young adults might indicate that the stigma of tattoos is finally over, but when asked about considerations when getting tattooed, many Millennials pick tattoos that are easily hidden for work and occasions where tattoos might not be welcome. Thinking this way, the small tattoo makes the most sense. 

So are people just searching “small tattoo” on Pinterest and bringing the first image that catches their eye to the nearest tattoo artist? Well… for some, yes. But others are tweaking designs to add a personal touch.

The wiser among young tattoo enthusiasts know that even small designs need to be done by a professional. With minimalist tattoos, it is vital that the line work is flawless, and only a pro is going to know how to get that.

With certain minimalist designs being more popular than others, and pieces being so simple, critics of small tattoos wonder how they could have any meaning.

Do these Minimalist Tattoos Have any Meaning?

The truth is that not all tattoos need meaning. But for those that want art with a story, these tattoos are often packed with meaning. A small, cryptic symbol can hold meaning, but keep it private – not everyone wants to talk about the meaning of their tattoo, and that’s okay!

There are practical reasons to get a small tattoo as well – many students prefer the lower price point, as many shops offer a minimum below the hourly rate for small pieces, and the speediness of a small tattoo makes it more accessible to those with a low pain tolerance.

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